Kingdom Hearts Union X(Cross) Launches in Japan

Kingdom Hearts Union X launched today in Japan with it’s maintenance that lasted about 8 hours. The update includes a new title screen, app logo, a new rendition of “Dearly Beloved”, user interface and bug fixes, theater mode, new introduction movie, multiplayer mode, medal awakenings, buff and debuff cap raised by +7.

Square Enix has included a “How to Play Union Cross” on the Square Enix Bridge with translations thanks to Kingdom Hearts Insider:

About “Union Cross”
Union Cross is the name of the multiplayer quest in which players team up with others from the same Union and defeat Heartless together.
“Cross Coins” can be obtained by clearing quests and used to exchange for items in the board

“Cross Coins” can only be used during events being held.
Access Union Cross via MENU > Quest. Players must complete Main Quest 81.

About the Quest flow
Mission objective will be stated at the start of the quest and must be completed.
“Time Missions” may also take place. Cooperate with other players to finish the quest within the time limit!

The stage and mission itself will be randomly selected among a variety of options. Try to adapt to each situation!

About Matching
On the Union Cross start screen, you can play quests with other players in your Union.

If you press “Start immediately” (Red button), players will be selected from your Union.
If you press “Start at party” (orange button), you can coordinate with your party members.

If you press “Same member and reply” on the result screen (Blue button), you can run the quest again with the same players.

About Revival
When HP drops to 0, the player will become inactive and a gauge will be displayed.

The player can be revived if a participating player tap as many “Counts” as displayed on the gauge before it disappears.
Each time a Player taps, 1 medal action will be consumed.
The count displayed on the gauge will increase each time your HP drops to 0, so try to survive as long as possible.

If the gauge disappears before the player can be revived, you have the option to use jewels to revive yourself, or you can retire from the quest.

About Comments
During the quest, you can make comments to other players by tapping the balloon at the bottom right of the screen and selecting the message you wish to convey.

You can also change what comments you can use via the “Comment Edit” on the Union Cross screen (blue button).When you press the comment button and close it, the icon will display in the direction of other players. Take advantage of this when trying to regroup!
Players who have played together will be able to check their history. This function can be used when you wish to invite players from the same group for more quests.

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